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KIBI has a beautiful four-storied building constructed in a Tibetan architectural style. It overlooks the greenery of Sanjay Van, a large forested park facing the distant Qutab Minar. Classes take place in the auditorium and five classrooms in the main building. Our excellent, well-assorted library on the first floor offers you a wide selection of great Dharma books.

For your convenience, there is a coffee shop where you can have a break between the classes. On the same level is the administration office. At the basement is a dining hall where you can enjoy three meals a day.

The large meditation hall decorated with thangkas hosts a huge Buddha statue filled with precious relics. The hall invites you to meditate between the teaching sessions. Surrounding the main building are rooms for up to 300 people. We offer our teachers, students and guests two types of rooms: Small rooms with an attached private bathroom and common rooms with shared bathrooms. All rooms are equipped with a minimum of two beds, bed linen, a desk and chair, book shelf and wardrobe.

We are happy to welcome you in KIBI. Since we have limited rooms to let, please register for the public courses in advance! We will shortly post a list with recommended accommodation possibilities around KIBI.

Room types

  • Room with attached bathroom: 1-2 persons (based on availability)  It is for 3 persons during public courses and for 1-3 all year (there are 3 beds in the rooms).
  • Common room without bathroom: 2-4 persons. It is for 5 persons during public courses and for 1-5 all year (there are 5 beds in the rooms).
  • Common room bunk-beds without bathroom: it is for 8 persons during public courses and for 1-8 all year.
  •  Dormitory: 8-15 persons. It is for 10-15 persons during the public courses and is not available all year.

Please note that our charges are according to the number of people sharing a room. The more people sharing, the less charges for each person. During the public courses terms are different.  

Guests and visitors

Visitors and guest students, please e-mail us for room requests: After checking room availability, we will send you a quotation. 3 meals a day are included.


Our excellent chef prepares three vegetarian meals a day for you. You can also buy all kind of snacks in our coffee shop in the main building. If you want more, there are plenty of supermarkets nearby with a big selection of food and beverages. Read more here >>

We will also provide you a more extensive list once you are here!


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